Sailfish OS Port for Samsung Galaxy S3

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General Information

DISCLAIMER: Flash this at your own risk.
I won't be held responsible for any damage done to the device,
you guys should know the drill by now.

This page is for tracking the status of the Sailfish OS port for the Samsung Galaxy S3 (A.K.A i9300) with detailed information

Device name: Samsung Galaxy S3 International
Code name: i9300
Image maintainer: Ilan Pegoraro
(A.K.A. rusty88 in xda-developers, IRC)
Adaptation Cyanogenmod 10.1
Sailfish Version: v1.1.0.39 (Uitukka)
More info: Cyanogenmod
S3 Image running Sailfish-OS

Port state

Supported devices including i9300

Known issues


The procedure to flash is very simple and can be found in the HADK Chapter 10, page 29. But here's a quick recap, although it is recommended reading that chapter for first timers:

  1. Is necessary to flash the official ROM 4.2.2 (is really necessary to be the 4.2 version of android). HADK describes why.
  2. Flashing CM10 10.1.3 stable
  3. Flashing the sailfish os rootfs.
  4. reboot and hopefully you'll boot into sailfish os. :)
Be mindful that the image is not production ready and some parts of the system are not working. Refer to xda-developers thread for more information.

PS: If the image does not recognized you SIM card, you need to download the helper tarball and follow the instructions.

How to build it

Jolla released the Hardware Adaptation Kit that guides anyone willing to port Sailfish OS to a new device or how to build an image for an already supported device.

Currently i9300 is not mainline with the mer repositories, I've trying to pushed changes upstream. In the mean time you can use my repositories for building the image or start from scratch.